Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer is milking mileage out of applying "green" initiatives to the City as well as his leadership of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  Hybrid vehicles, using compact flourescent light bulbs are good are good Public Relations fodder but apparently the greening of Trenton stopps there.  An observer has filed the following:

Currently there is NO RECYCLING in City Hall. Nada- no can do. If you seperate the trash, the wonderful garbage people throw it all in one garbage truck. PAPER, CANS, PLASTIC CARTRIDGES, BATTERIES IT JUST DOES NOT MATTER. It all gets thrown in one trash can.

Need proof? Go to City Hall and try to find a yellow, green or blue container in any office, trash area or hall.way.  

Obviously, another case of "Do as I say, not as I do."

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007 would like to see Trenton succeed. To that end, we are becoming increasingly frustrated with the ineptness and arrogance displayed by the Palmer administration in recent years. After having ridden the national trends of decreasing inner city violence, the administration appears to believe that it has a mandate to do whatever it pleases. Now, national trends have shifted, and Trenton is setting new records for murders, the school system is near complete failure, and large portions of Trenton are under "redevelopment plans" that appear to be going nowhere.

What we agree should happen:

1) The mayor should give up his position on the U.S. Conference of Mayors, his spot on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Panel, and his position with Hillary Clinton's reelection campaign. Instead, he should devote himself full time to the needs of Trenton. Trenton has long been the victim of careless absentee landlords. Our mayor doesn't need to be one.

2) The police director should be changed. Director Santiago has made a joke of our city's residency requirements. It is obvious to everyone that he has no intention of ever relocating to Trenton. This may be forgivable, but in a city which set a new high for murders only 2 years ago and is challenging that number this year, a change clearly needs to be made.

3) The education system needs full time attention, in a completely open and transparent process. More than 3 years ago, Mayor Palmer said "the party is over" in reference to the school system under his then superintendent Lytle. He said that he was going to get involved. Now under Superintendent Lofton, the Mayor Palmer is saying that the "ball was dropped" under a new administration. Everyone, including the mayor, needs to be involved full time with the schools, with reports that appear near weekly, until the schools demonstrate noticeable improvement. 

4) The city needs to operate in a more open manner that is friendly to its citizens. All documents that are public should be made available through the city's website, or via an easy and inexpensive method through the clerk's office. No OPRA requests should be met with price tags in the hundreds of dollars or simply stonewalled. A senior administration official should never write a letter threatening libel for questions that are asked at a council meeting. Regular independent audits of all of the city's business should be conducted and released publicly. 

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