Mayor Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

Art Holland was.  And so was Carmen Armenti.

Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

His wife is.  Only at the Hunterdon County address.

The Mayor of Trenton's home address and telephone number is not listed in the local phone book or on the City of Trenton website. 

All of Trenton's City Council members are listed in the local phone book, not to mention on the official City of Trenton website.

Doug Palmer isn't.

How about your mayor?  Can you look him or her up in the phone book?  Trentonians can't. 


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Trenton Public Schools PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Trent   
Sunday, 09 September 2007

While the Trenton school district is indeed an urban district that serves many students living in bad economic situations, the Douglas H. Palmer administration has continued to fail at making a dent in bad test scores and other statistics since taking over the mayor’s office in 1990.

The prospect of students escaping the economic void of Trenton is compounded by the inept leadership that has characterized the school district throughout Mayor Palmer’s reign.

Trenton boasts SAT and HSPA scores consistently lower than the state average, and has an abnormally large number of students graduating through equivalency tests rather than normal graduations.  Every year the senior class is a much smaller group of students than it was when it entered the high schools four years earlier.

And, until this year, the high school was consistently on a list of “dangerous” schools.

Through all of this, Mayor Palmer has tried new schools boards, new superintendents, and many proclamations and catch phrases, but to no avail.

NJQSAC Report 2007:

Trenton public schools are still a mess, and may be worse off than they have ever been during the Douglas H. Palmer administration’s 17 years.

That was the conclusion drawn from the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum that came out during the summer of 2007.  The report found Trenton schools to be suffering from a variety of ills that made the school one of the worst urban districts in the state.

Trenton schools are headed by a school board hand-picked by Mayor Palmer, and headed by Superintendent Rodney Lofton who has is the latest in string of head administrators trying to break the culture of poor performance permeating the grounds of many of the district’s schools.

Trenton scored a dismal 17 total points out of 120 possible in the Instruction and Program portion of the NJQSAC review, and also received scores of 22 and 33 out of a possible 100 points for Personnel and Governance, respectively.  The only semi-decent scores the district had in the report were for Fiscal Management and Operations Management, where the district received scores of 66 and 67 percent, respectively.

The report found a large contingent of teachers who were either under qualified or not qualified to be instructing their courses, and also found many teachers with aging or expired teaching documentation. 

“A primary concern is that while district policies require that all personnel who are hired to fill positions requiring certification hold that certification when hired and that provisional certificates be issues to teaching staff members who are hired with certificates of eligibility, but the district is not implementing fully the policies,” the report said.

The policies are there, but the district under Mayor Palmer doesn’t enforce the regulations.

Once again, Mayor Palmer has demanded results from the latest of his schools boards and superintendents, but the news keeps piling on that once again the educations, and future, of Trenton student is suffering under the conduct of a Board of Education and administration that is the responsibility of Trenton’s 17-year mayor.

Recent Events 2007:

Some recent events in the Trenton school district involved the falsification of student records by the district that, when found, resulted in delayed graduation for many students and a media hailstorm for the Trenton school district.

It seems the district undertook a program of falsifying records under former Superintendent Lytle, who was highly touted by Mayor Palmer as the savior of the capital’s school district when he arrived in Trenton.  Now Superintendent Lytle won’t even answer requests by the City Council to appear before a special committee to investigate the grade scandal, and another superintendent has moved in to take Lytle’s place.

Fast forward to the 2007-2008 school year.

Students arrived at both high school campuses to find they didn’t even have class schedules prepared for their first day of school, and more finger pointing began.

Mayor Palmer placed the blame squarely on Superintendent Lofton, who could only offer excuses that he was mislead by the firm revamping the school’s electronic scheduling program.  Superintendent Lofton has now become just another Trenton head administrator caught in a media storm and blamed by students, parents, and Trenton citizens.  So the saga of scandal and failure at the Trenton school district under Mayor Palmer continues.

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What currently has been Palmer's (and his administration's) strongest point?
What currently has been Palmer's (and his administration's) weakest point?

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