Mayor Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

Art Holland was.  And so was Carmen Armenti.

Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

His wife is.  Only at the Hunterdon County address.

The Mayor of Trenton's home address and telephone number is not listed in the local phone book or on the City of Trenton website. 

All of Trenton's City Council members are listed in the local phone book, not to mention on the official City of Trenton website.

Doug Palmer isn't.

How about your mayor?  Can you look him or her up in the phone book?  Trentonians can't. 


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Trenton Now Has Creative Policing PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Ghost of Trenton State College   
Thursday, 20 September 2007
In case you did not know dept., Mr. Santiago has now expanded the definition of Community Policing. That right folks. That cute little politically correct sounding buzz phrase has now been expanded to grant special privileges to visitors of our (un)fair city.
In an article appearing in The Times ,  Police Director Santiago asked the question "Do we really want to give parking tickets to people who come to events downtown?" His answer... "No."
It is so comforting to know that visitors to Trenton whom violate the law after midnight in downtown shall now be considered a special part of the community. Visitors are now hereby held to a different standard of "Community (or should we say Creative?) Policing Standards".  Visitors to Trenton must be encouraged at all costs and will therefore be exempt from laws which apply to the rest of us fools whom just happen to unfortunately, reside here.
So, the next time you leave your apartment or restaurant and discover you cannot leave because somebody has double parked and blocked you in, you must first find out if they are a visitor to your neighborhood. If the offending party is a visitor, do not call the Trenton Police! Director Santiago and Mayor Palmer want people like that in the city. By their statements, simple ordinances like parking and traffic should be brushed aside for people visiting Trenton, as if they were a better class of people than those living here already. Next thing you know they are going to ignore residency requirements for ... oh, that's right! Wink
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What currently has been Palmer's (and his administration's) strongest point?
What currently has been Palmer's (and his administration's) weakest point?

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