For the first time in a long time, residents can expect to see Mayor Palmer in Trenton this week. He is hosting the US Conference of Mayors Executive Council on Thursday and Friday. Of course, he had to work the first part of the week due to the school fiasco.
Written by William Trent   
Saturday, 13 October 2007
Public officials snub Cadwalader Heights centennial festivities.

In yet another display of disregard for those working to celebrate the positive and improve Trenton’s image, Mayor Palmer and his administration were notably missing from the recent commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Cadwalader Heights neighborhood. 


When 11000 people took advantage of the gorgeous weekend weather to tour some 20 homes on Saturday, October 6 there was no sighting of the Mayor, a City Council member, or anyone representing the City Administration.*

 And while current and past Cadwalader Heights residents came together with other Trentonians a week later in a gala reception at The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion to celebrate the Frederick Law Olmstead designed community in the City’s West Ward, the Mayor was again absent, as was any representative of Trenton City Council (three of whom reside in the West Ward themselves) or any official designee of the Administration.


How is it that a self-described promoter of Trenton can’t bother to acknowledge such a significant event in the city’s history.


And the event wasn’t just a “feel good” exercise for the Cadwalader Heights Civic Association.  The group will be donating over $8000.00 in proceeds to Trenton’s Habit for Humanity program that works to create affordable housing opportunities.


Mayor Palmer, who frequently and proudly points to his own “record” of creating home ownership opportunities for low income residents, couldn’t be bothered to even acknowledge the civic association’s generosity by attending either event or sending a delegate. 


One can only guess if there will be any official accolades emanating from City Hall next month when the Cadwalader Heights Centennial Celebration will be recognized as “Community Project of the Year” at the annual Trenton Council of Civic Associations awards banquet.


Or will the Mayor be missing, yet again?

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