Mayor Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

Art Holland was.  And so was Carmen Armenti.

Doug Palmer is not listed in the Trenton phone book.

His wife is.  Only at the Hunterdon County address.

The Mayor of Trenton's home address and telephone number is not listed in the local phone book or on the City of Trenton website. 

All of Trenton's City Council members are listed in the local phone book, not to mention on the official City of Trenton website.

Doug Palmer isn't.

How about your mayor?  Can you look him or her up in the phone book?  Trentonians can't. 


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Then and now
Written by William Trent   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Well, Missing Mayor Doug Palmer has been very much in evidence around town of late.

Mostly, he's been busy trying to prop up his leakey ship of state as it founders on the rocks of the residency requirements the Mayor has arbitrarily waived for Police Director Joe Santiago.

Amidst claims of "family emergencies," "unaffordable homes," "who would come here if he leaves," and "Trenton will be a laughing stock" the Mayor has been busy throwing hissy fits in the press and in front of City Council because he isn't getting his way.  Seems he just can't imagine why "one of the nation's top Police Directors" should have to live in the town where he works rather than some 50 miles away.  And Mr. Palmer is absolutely apoplectic over the fact that anyone would challenge his position on this.

Well, interestingly enough Mayor Palmer didn't always feel this way.  Back in 1999 when he was trying equally as hard to convince Trenton's residents that a change was needed from a Police Chief to a Police Director, Palmer was adamant that it was imperative for the leader of the Police Department to be a bona fide city resident who was fully engaged with the community.

In an op-ed piece published in the Times of Trenton in March of that year, Douglas Palmer expounded on the where's, why's and how's of his plan.  Maybe he should go back and read this before he continues his rediculous rants on this topic.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 December 2007 )
Status of the State of the City
Written by William Trent   
Saturday, 27 October 2007

Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer gave his 18th annual State of the City address this past Thursday (October 25, 2007).


In the address he reported on what he considered the priority issues in the “common agenda … to improve policing, revive economic development, increase jobs, create better schools, rebuild neighborhoods and provide our residents the opportunity to achieve the American Dream of homeownership.”  Mayor Palmer also reported on some “important emerging issues that will be the new frontier for economic development.”  And in closing, he preached a sermonette decrying those who might offer up differing opinions or criticisms on the perceived state of the capital city.


Following is our appraisal of the Mayor's remarks.

Money Grows on (Family) Tree
Written by William Trent   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

A couple of months ago, the New York Times as well as the Trenton dailies ran stories about substantial financial contributions made by former Senator Robert Torricelli to elected officials in districts where he had business interests. Of note was the $10,000 plus given to the campaigns of Mayor Palmer and his chosen “slate” of At-Large Candidates, Paul Pintella, Manny Segura, and Cordelia Staton

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