Well, I guess it was a long 3 days in the city for Mayor Palmer. Like the Runaway Bride, Mayor Palmer is off again. On Monday, Mayor Palmer was standing at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in a photo op with Frank Lautenberg and NYC Mayor Bloomberg. While the cause (gun violence) was related to issues we have here in Trenton, did his trip to NYC actually benefit anyone here? One also needs to ask if after 3 days of exposure with the US Conference of Mayors in town, did Mayor Palmer really need another publicity stunt?
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Related articles appearing in other sources
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  Link   Palmer Opposes Election Reform Bill
In his position with the US Conference of Mayors, Mayor Doug Palmer opposed Rep Rush Holt's bill to ensure paper backups for electronic voting machines. Without such backups, electronic voting security is inherently flawed.
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An article appearing on showing n interesting quote from Director Santiago on the camera system.
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In this article, appearing in early 2006, Trenton Police Director Santiago talks glowingly about the new camera system. One should note that the article appears to show how he is fully aware of the system and is control as to how it is implemented. A

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